130613 Man in Love Album Release Showcase in Tokyo
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I call out without sound
I call out remembering you


"i’m not bitter" i say, bitterly, with a bitter expression

Anonymous: "do you know where tewddy went?"

sorry, i do not know.

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Flawless Jae

140412 KBS Open Concert in Los Angeles
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kimsoowon: "myungsoo or woohyun ^^ (i made noemi choose between sungjong and dongwoo and it was really hard for her to choose so I'm sorry in advance if this is hard for you too lol ;__;)"

hmm i think i’ll go with woohyun! :3 the hard part for me is which performance or mv hahaha

INFINITE - black & white outfits

Leave two idol/groups/performance/mvs in my ask and I’ll make a gifset of what I prefer

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